In The Flesh?

Wow. Three years (more than!). I reopened this blog on a whim, and was taken aback by how many posts I have on here. While I struggle with embarrassment when I read some of my more vehemently-held beliefs, I must admit that I kinda like the me that I see here. Let’s see if we can’t resurrect him.


So, who am I now, and what’s changed in my life? Well, I’m still in the wine industry, so there’s still hopefully a good reason to care about what I say on the subject. I run the wine program at the local branch of a national wine bar chain, which is invigorating in a lot of ways and frustrating in others- which is probably what a lot of people who pretty much like their job would say about it. This is my first on-premise experience in the wine industry, but I’ve been there for more than three years now, which is longer than I’ve worked at any other single employer.

What does it mean to be in the on-premise side of the wine industry? Basically it means that I run a list of wines that people can drink on the premises. It’s essentially the industry term for a beverage program at a restaurant. Now, our program includes retail sales as well, so it’s something of a hybrid model, but we do more on-premise sales than we do off-premise sales.

It’s fun. We pour a lot of great wine, and people come and buy it. So there we are. I’m on the on-premise side of things now. Yay.


I’m back!